Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some interesting developments in the cell phone world

Just got this news from a forum that I subscribe to. It appears that the new iPhone users would go haywire after what happened to the antenna problem. Here's the news:
Class Action Lawsuit on iPhone Antenna
On the other hand, Microsoft has pulled the plug on the Kin project after less than two months into the release. In the article, MS says that Kin workers are now part of Windows Phone 7 team. Here is the article:
Microsoft pulls the plug on Kin
This brings up quite a few things. First, I'm fortunate that users have found the iPhone bug very quickly, which is very impressive. Second, focusing a phone device on a specific market or strategy will not help here - as I hope MS has learned this time. If Kin project is integrated into WP7, then I expect the actual devices to cost more than current WM6.5 devices does - due to added functionality from Kin in ROM.
// JL

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