Thursday, July 29, 2010

C++: Intermission 4

I didn't learn what a member function is in proper terms until experimenting
with designing a custom object. Before then, I just memorized what a given
function does, not knowing that I needed to learn the true workings of these
functions for later use.
As for vectors, at first I just memorized the function names and what it
does. As my experience with vectors grew, I began to appreciate what each
function does exactly under the hood - especially after writing an integer
vector class as part of a lab assignment.
You'll see what I mean by the words "class" and "object" starting from the
next post, as creating our own custom data types requires significant
investigation and hours of notetaking. The very concept of working with our
own data types would be covered in detail for the remainder of our
discussion of C++, with occasional notes on other useful things you need to
know such as memory operations, file operations and so forth.

Again, if you have any comments about these notes, please let me know...
// JL (UCR)

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