Saturday, July 17, 2010

C++: Some disclaimer and legal info before continuing...

I thought I should tell you where I'm basing my notes and words from before
I continue with variables - well, if you know what I mean - for legal

The majority of notes and words are based on a book called "C++: A Dialog"
by Steve Heller, which can be found here:
This is a free online book which introduces C++ from beginner's perspective
who might have not heard of what C++ is. I found this book very useful when
learning basics in C++.

The other book I use is "Practical C++ Programming" from O'Reilly books (I
forgot the URL for it, sorry), which is readily available. This one tackles
C++ from practical perspective, with useful commentaries on theories and
easy to understand explanations of tech terms used in programming world.

In addition, I use personal notes compiled during programming lectures at UC
Riverside, as well as general lecture notes for some examples, as well as my
own examples that I've worked on by myself or as part of lab assignment or
other things (because of a policy over there at UCR, I'll not post huge
amount of code from those exercises).

With that out of the way, let's continue with our discussion of C++...

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