Wednesday, July 14, 2010

C++: The Programming Notes series

As a programming student, I'm required to practice my skills with the
assignments and lab work. In addition, it is recommended that students take
notes during lectures (because some of the notes do appear on exams and
quizzes). I'm going one step further and plan to publish bits of my notes on
C++ programming language as I continue with college education.

This has two crucial benefits: first, I can go back to my blog and look at
my notes that I've written - thus helping me study better for exams and have
a handy reference for studying. Second, to provide insights to how a program
is developed using a programming language, thus helping new programmers get
a fell of how programming works.

For the most part, I'll be using my PDA and my laptop to write notes and
post them (with modifications if necessary). Hope you learn something useful
from this series.
// JL

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