Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BrailleNote: An overview of KeySoft Part 3: Getting help anywhere

Where would you get help if you get stuck - the user manual, online forum or somewhere else? On windows Mobile, to get help in an application, you would go to Start Menu and tap Help. While, there is a similar thing under it, KeySoft has one advantage: context-sensitive help.

From anywhere in KeySoft, if you need help with anything, just press the help key (SPACE with H (DOTS 1-2-5) or HELP key on QT). BrailleNote will inform you about what the prompt is and how to interact with it. In KeySoft programs such as Internet and planner, you'll get a dedicated help menu with list of commands organized into categories. For example, under word processor, if we invoke help key, BrailleNote will open keyWord Help Menu with command categories such as review commands, edit commands and so forth. Just like using a list, in this type of menu, press SPACE to move to the desired command category, press ENTER, then browse through the availible commands in that category.

Just like Windows Mobile, a help documentation - rather, the entire user guide, is availible. As described earlier, Windows Mobile users would tap Start, then go to help. Under KeySoft, there are two ways: via Options menu and using the dedicated command for accessing the user guide.

To use Options Menu method, from anywhere in KeySoft, press SPACE with O (DOTS 1-3-5; FN+O on QT), then press U (DOTS 1-3-6). BrailleNote will prompt to choose table of contents or index. Or press BACKSPACE with ENTER with H (READ+HELP keys on QT), then select table of contents or index (T or I).

For this tutorial, let's say you want to look up how to configure your braile display using table of contents. After selecting table of contents, press SPACE to move down through the chapters; when general Functions is displayed, press ENTER to access sections of that chapter. Then using the spacebar, go to a section labeld Braille Options then press ENTER. BrailleNote will start reading or display section 5.4, which is all about configuring the braille display.
'When you are done reading a sectionn, press BACKSPACE to move back to the sections list. To read a different chapter, press exit command (SPACE with E or ESC), then use the lsit commands to move to a different chapter.

Note that if you exit the user guide using the exit command while you were reading a section, you'll be returned to the activity you were in; however, if you return to the user guide( using the above methods), BrailleNote will ask if you want to continue reading the section you were reading or choose a different topic. If you say Yes, KeySoft will resume at the section you left; if you say No, keySoft will ask you to choose table of contents or index to look up.

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