Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BrailleNote: An overview of keySoft Part 2: Interacting with prompts

Let's discuss how a BrailleNote can interact with prompts, or input controls.

In Windows Mobile, we use dialogs, controls and fields to interact with a PDA or a phone. Similary, BrailleNote uses prompts and lists to interact with users. Unlike WM, KeySoft does not have graphical features; instead, it uses text prompts, such as edit fields, lists and selection prompts.

For instance, suppose we want to create a new document on a BrailleNote, write few things then save it. From Main Menu, press SPACE to go to word processor. Press ENTER to select it. Now from keyWord Menu, press C (DOTS 1-4) to select Create a Document. BrailleNote prompts, "folder name?" This is an edit field where a user can type his or her text using prefered braille, press BACKSPACE to step backwards at a prompt (in this case, to select drive list) or press SPACE to go to a list (in this case, a list of folders). in this case, press ENTER. BrailleNote then says, "document to create?" Here, one can type the name of a document e.g. test, then press ENTER. BrailleNote says, "top of document."

Here you can write anything, since this is a text field. To exit and save what you've entered, press SPACE with E (ESC). BrailleNote says, "KeyWord menu." To return to Main menu, press the exit command again.

So far we've dealt with text edit fields. There are other types of prompts, which are:
* Selection: Often, we want to step through a selection and choose the desired option. For instance, selecting the default file format, speech on or off and so forth, just like using radio button or a combo box. To step through the list of choices, press SPACE with DOTS 3-4 (CTRL+SPACE on QT), then press ENTER to make a selectio.
* Lists: Similar to list views in Windows Mobile. Step through a list by press SPACE, step back through it using BACKSPACE key, then press ENTER on a desired item. This is prominent in menus and lists of files and folders.
* Text edit fields: Mostly used to write text. You can use typical text field comamnds such as BACKSPACE to edit what you've entered. When done, press ENTER.
* yes or No: Mostly used for confirmation prompts and to activate certain additional prompts, similar to "yes/no" buttons and check boxes. On certain prompts, press the letter at hand (Y or N) will perform the action at hand, while on other prompts, you need to press ENTER e.g. braille display toggle to make your choice.

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