Monday, June 28, 2010

BrailleNote: An explanatory article series

A popular saying says that if one wants to learn something, it is best to explain it to somebody. Hopefully the other person would come up with corrections, and the "teacher" would find easier ways of explaining things easily.

As I use my BrailleNote, a special computer for people with visual impairment, sighted people would often come up to me and ask, "How doed it work?" I usually tell them, "Well, just like any computer would." While some people were surprised that a device of this kind exists, others, with curiosity in mind, would ask me to demo the unit and explain more.

This series on Explaining BrailleNote is meant to answer common technical questions about BrailleNote and its operations - both for blind and sighted alike. I'll try my best to compare features and operations of a BrailleNote - more technically, KeySoft suite of applications - from both blindness and sighted point of view. So, welcome aboard to a cuise around keySoft. let's start the cruise, shall we?

// JL (UCR)

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