Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who is God?

Hi, I thought, since it's Sunday and I am a Christian, I thought I should
ask this question at large to see people's reactions.

So what or who exactly is God? Many people say that God is just a creator, a
supreme being with supernatural powers or use descriptive language to
describe God. There are debates about this, including a notion of god's
gender, whether there is only one god or other gods, or is there such as
thing as a deity.

In my view and after my experiences, there is a God out there "somewhere."
I'd say many people believe there is no god because they canot see one. I'd
also say that people believe in many gods due to various natures surrounding
earth's events. In my case, there is one and only one god - the Jewish
thought calls him "YHWH", commonly translated into English as LORD God. This
God is one and only one who knows when the earth was created, who knows
exactly how many genes does a human have and even know when the world as we
know it would come to an end. This god, we (those who know it) call Father.

So who is this "father?" After talking with him for several years and
studying his word (bible), I came to the conclusion that the best words to
describe him are "love" and "caring." He is full of love - even loved us
(humans) to send his one and only son, so that he can die in place of us
because of our sin (John 3:16). He is also merciful - loving us a lot that
he puts us through "tests" to help us trust him more..
He is also caring for his people. Even though we do not see him, we (the
people who know him) knows his presence, because we have walked with him for
so many days and years. Besides, he gave us a human representation of him
and his word - jesus Christ of Nazareth (John chapter 1).
But how do we know God's presence even though he is a spirit? We know him
through faith and his words that teaches us who he is. Also, God is known
through people's actions and what we say - after all, the proof of one's
faith is his or her actions.
So who exactly is God? To me, he is many things, including "my creator,"
"king of kings," "the ultimate beginning and end," "my friend," "my helper,"
"my professor" and so many other words that I cannot think of. That's how I
view and know him.
Just my thoughts, that's all.
// JL

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