Friday, August 6, 2010

First impressions of Windows 7

Thought I should write a mini report on what I've been doing lately.
Besides, hope you are enjoying the C++ notes - I'll post more about classes
and introduce you to pointers next week.
As of now, I'm composing this message on my laptop running Windows 7
Professional 32-bit. So far, it's been great - runs faster than Vista and
all my current devices - sound card, graphics and external hardware - are
compatible with this newer OS. As you may know, I'm using a screen reader on
top of the OS to work with programming and other things.
You may wonder how I got this new OS. The answer: I've installed it myself.
Surprised? I know - it is indeed possible for people who are blind or
visually impaired to install newer Windows versions on their own using a
built-in screen reader under Windows. When the installation happens, a
complete image of Windows 7 will be run during install, so I can interact
with setup environment via speech.
I could have chosen 64-bit OS for better stability and fun with more memory;
however, because of compatibility with existing programs and devices, I
chose 32-bit instead. However, I'll make clear that Win7 will be my last (or
second to last) 32-bit OS.
At least that's for now.
// JL

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