Tuesday, June 17, 2014

NVDA: Source code documentation (June 2014)


For some time, I’ve been thinking about writing a book called “NonVisual Developer’s Aid to NVDA,” a comprehensive reference on NVDA’s source code. I sort of wrote an outline for it while I was writing the add-on development guide, but decided to post the actual documentation that comes with the source code in hopes that someone might learn something about NVDA, screen reading technology, accessible software design and perhaps contribute to NVDA (and perhaps write a book about nVDA with the source code docs). If you are a developer wishing to know the internals of NVDA, this is for you (and hats off to Mick Curran and Jamie Teh, who deserves the credits for writing the source code docs and NVDA in the first place).

A zip file is now available containing source code documentation for the latest master branch (June 2014). Note that this should be studied by programmers who are serious about extending NVDA’s core and/or interested in internals of how add-ons work their magic (in reality, anyone is welcome to study it, publish a book based on the source code, etc. (if you do plan to publish a book, I’d advise asking NVDA devs).

But first, for people who are just getting started with NVDA development should read the latest developer guide, which can be found at:


Now for the source code documentation (based on master branch as of June 2014):


For Mick and Jamie, I hope I’m not going against your rules…


An NVDA translator and add-on writer


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